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Iris: March Flower of the Month

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In March, bulb plants across Houston are already starting to grow and bloom. So for our spotlight this month, we choose to honor the iris plant and it's wonderful varieties. And year round you can call your flower shops in Pasadena TX for bouquets of iris delivered.

Where do Iris Grow?

Iris flowers are wonderful garden flowers. Iris means rainbow - the flowers come in many different colors. Some of the most common colors include blue, yellow, white, orange, purple, pink, red, brown, and even black.  

Iris March flower of the month flower shops in pasadena tx

The plant is native to the North Temperate regions of the world and has about 200 species. In fact, the Iris plant grows in different habitats such as deserts, temperate climates, cold areas, and swamps. Siberian Iris and Bearded Iris are the two most common plants grown across the globe.

Meaning Behind the Iris Flower

Iris is a Greek goddess of the Messenger of Love. Hence, the Iris flower is considered a symbol of communication and messages. The flower conveys various messages based on the color of it. For example, a purple Iris conveys wisdom and compliments. A yellow flower will symbolize passion while a white Iris symbolizes purity. Likewise, a blue Iris flower conveys the message of faith and hope.

A Little Iris History

Iris is a sword-like flower that comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes. In fact, the Iris flower is a quite hardy herbaceous perennial. The Iris is considered to be the flower on the Sphinx of the 18th Egyptian dynasty. It was also a favorite flower of the Moslems - they took it to Spain after the conquest in the 8th century.

During the middle ages, the flower became linked to the French monarchy. The flower has been used to make perfumes and used as a medicinal remedy from ancient times. Today, the Iris flower is most commonly seen in bouquets, gardens, and in the wild all over the world.

Currently, the Iris flower is the state flower of Tennessee. The plant is cultivated in different parts of the world, but they are most commonly found in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and northern Africa.

Iris and the Nitty Gritty

The Iris plant is categorized into two major groups - such as Rhizome Irises and Bulbous Irises. Within these two groups, there are countless varieties, species, hybrids, and cultivars. Rhizome Irises grow horizontally and have thick stems. They produce sword-like leaves when planted. 

Crested Irises, Beardless, and Bearded are three popular varieties in this group. On the other hand, Bulbous Irises grow from the bulbs of the plant. They require a period of dormancy after blooming. This variety is smaller than the Rhizome Iris. Hence, they produce smaller blossoms.

Growing Iris

You should improve the soil condition before planting Irises. Use a slow-release fertilizer for this purpose. You may also use peat moss, compost, or well-rotted manure in order to increase the organic content in the soil. In fact, organic matter and fertilizer have to be used thoroughly into the top four to six inches of soil before planting Irises. 

The plant could be grown from seeds as well as root separation. The roots can be easily separated and replanted. Plant the rhizomes near the surface of the soil with its roots below.

Order Your Iris Bouquets Today

The Iris is a wonderful garden flower. It comes in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. The above article provides interesting information about the Iris flower, but to order iris flowers for delivery in Houston give our flower shop a call today!

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