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December Flower Spotlight: The Amaryllis

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 We are always getting questions from clients about different flowers and plants, how to take care of them, when are the available, what colors do they come in. From these questions we started our Monthly Flower Spotlight as a way to highlight flowers we get questions about and bring attention to underutilized or little known flowers and plants.

This month’s flower spotlight is the amaryllis. Despite being commonly considered a Christmas flower, the amaryllis frequently blooms in March. It's known by many times; belladonna lily, Jersey lily, Easter lily, and even naked lady.

The Legend of the Amaryllis

Legends say that the amaryllis began as a “shy, timid nymph”. She fell in love with Alteo, a strong and beautiful shepherd, but her affections were not returned. In an attempt to earn Alteo's love, she consulted an oracle, gave of herself to gift him with a beautiful flower born of her blood. Alteo was moved by the gesture, and fell in love with Amaryllis, who was then healed. Thus, the flower we know today was formed, and has come to stand as a symbol of pride and radiant beauty. In Greek, the word amaryllis means “to sparkle”, and they're also sometimes called “knight star”.

The Origination of the Amaryllis

The amaryllis originated in South Africa and South America. It's petals are frequently white and crimson, but pink, purple, red, and even orange blooms are also common and naturally occurring. They tend to bloom in early spring or late summer, but are frequently forced into bloom for the Christmas season. They can be grown from seeds, but can take more than five years to produce flowers. Once you have a fully grown plant, however, they can last more than fifty years if it's properly cared for. 

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Here are some more really interesting facts about the amaryllis:

  • Its blooms attract carpenter bees and moths, which are responsible for pollination.
  • More than ten million bulbs are imported and sold in the United States every year.
  • Materials within the plant have been used in the treatment of Alzheimer's.

Using Amaryllis at our Pasadena Flower Shop

During the Christmas season, we use amaryllis for many of our bouquets, Christmas centerpieces, and plant baskets. The deep red ones look regal in the larger centerpieces with pillar candles and other Christmas flowers. In vase bouquets, the peppermint colored ones are stunning. We are even able to use the potted amaryllis in plant gardens, making great Christmas gifts.

As you can see, there are many interesting facts about the Amaryllis. If you'd like to learn more, contact Enchanted Florist today and let us tell you all about December's spotlight flower.

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