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  • Tropical Plant Bromeliad European Garden by Enchanted Florist Pasadena TX. A unique tropical plant that is easy to care for in a basket with other green plants decorated beautifully. Large Green Plant Delivery. RM409

Tropical Plant Bromeliad European Garden

SKU: RM409

Tropical Plant Bromeliad European Garden by Enchanted Florist can brighten the day. This tropical green plant garden basket contains an exotic bromeliad and various green plants. Decorated with curly willow and 2 butterflies, it will make their day.

Pictures is standard. You can customize your garden, by adding fresh cuts flowers to the garden, by adding extra decorations, adding a stick and more butterflies, and/or adding an additional plant to the garden. 

Approximately 30"H x 20"W.   RM409



Triple Basket Care- Plants are potted separately so take care to water them individually.


Bromeliad Plant Care and Information - Bromeliad plants are tropical plants in the same family as air plants. It is a common myth that they like to be watered in the center of their bloom. This promotes rotting in the tropical plant. They like bight indirect light and can be planted in a shady spot outdoors or kept indoors as a house plant. They like high humidity and light misting weekly.

Spathiphyllum Plant Care- The peace lily or closet plant likes low to medium light and high water. Cold drafts can harm this plant. Remove spent blooms to ensure continued blooms. Black leaves mean over watered. Poor drainage, too frequent water, or standing in water will cause root rot. Visit our blog here for more information on spathiphyllum care.

Pothos Ivy Plant Care- The pothos ivy, also referred to as a pole ivy, flat ivy, or simply ivy, is one of the easiest care house plants. It should grow just about anywhere there is enough light to read by, and water usually once a week until water drains from the holes. Remove excess water to prevent root rot. For more details and information please visit our how to care for you pothos ivy article on our Enchanted Florist Blog.


Enchanted Florist offers daily delivery of flowers and plants to Houston TX. Our beautiful flower bouquets and green plants can be ordered online or by phone, (832)850-7677

We deliver to all Houston hospitals including the Houston medical center, the Houston Galleria area, and Downtown Houston.  


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