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Delphinium: August's Flower Spotlight

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It's time for our Monthly Flower Spotlight! This month we have chosen the beautiful Delphinium to highlight. This is a wonderful flower that has weaved its way through history and the hearts of some avid flower enthusiasts. Let's take a look at some names, some lore, and a little bit of interesting facts about the  Delphinium.  

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What is a Delphinium?

Does the name not ring a bell? That's because it has another name. According to the website Names of Flowers, the Delphinium is a genus name that refers to a large group of perennials. The delphinium is native to the North American hemisphere where it flourishes in the late spring and the summer and produces several different colors. I have even found it in the forests of East Texas. The Delphinium is normally seen in the traditional blue, but comes in a dark purple, red, white, and yellow also.

The Delphinium has some interesting folklore and myths attached to it. The flower was said to be sacred to Apollon, the god of light, healing, and poetry. Apollon is also the patron god of the city of Delphi, the city of the Oracle, and the Delphinium was known as Delphinium Apollo as it grew in the city. It is also said that goddess Persephone was gathering the flowers when she was abducted by the god of the underworld, Haides.

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Fun Delphinium Facts

Let's talk about some fun facts about the Delphinium. For one, did you know that it was the birth flower of the month of July? It symbolizes an open heart and has been said to offer protection against lightning and witches, it also was traditionally said to prevent eye diseases. Also, the name comes from the Greek delphis that means dolphin that steams from the curve of the flowers petals.

How do Florists Use Delphinium?

Since delphinium are a tall flower (what we call a line flower,) they are primarily used in tall arrangements vs low round 

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arrangements. They can extend the lines of bouquets and enhance the visual elements. We use them daily for get well bouquets, birthday bouquets, and funeral flowers. Because of their common blue color, they are used often for flowers for men and patriotic flowers.

In addition, the delphinium have several delicate blooms along the tall stem. Those individual blooms can be plucked and used in corsages and bouquets for weddings and prom flowers.

Where to Order Blue Flowers?

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All in all, this is a beautiful flower that you do not want to miss putting in your bouquet. Contact us so we can arrange the perfect array of flowers that will brighten up any day. Call us, order your flowers online, or stop by our store located on Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena.

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