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January Flower Spotlight: The Tulip

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tulip bouquet is one of the most identifiable arrangements in any florists’ arsenal. At Enchanted Florist, you can purchase tulips in person or have a tulip delivery. It is also possible to grow your own tulips with relatively little effort. Tulips are a perennial flower which means that you will not have to continue to buy seeds every year. 

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The History of Tulips

Tulips were originally found in Persia and Turkey. The fashion of the time was to wear the blossom in the turban and that this has probably resulted in the name of that the flowers now carries. Europeans probably thought that the flower was called a turban and mispronounced it as tulip. Tulips became so popular in the 17th century that they caused markets to skyrocket and then crash.

Tulips are a historic flower that has their popularity attributed to the Dutch. Tulips can be found pretty much anywhere in the world, but the cultivating of new breeds is attributed to the Dutch florists. The stunning colors and delicate shape of the blossom are rightfully thought to be what makes the tulip bouquets beautiful.

Beautiful tulips in Arrangements

Since tulips come in a variety of colors, it is easy to create a mesmerizing bouquet from only using this single flower. Tulips are also a wonderful substitution for more expensive flowers in traditional arrangements. If you are looking to create a birthday arrangement, it is possible to replace red roses with red tulips and be able to achieve the same result. And our florist is perfect for your tulips Houston deliveries.

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The Meanings of Tulips

Like most flowers tulips have different meanings based on their color. The tulip as a species, generally symbolizes eternal loss due to their perennial nature. A red tulip has a stronger relationship with romance and passion then there purple counterpart. While yellow tulips had been previously thought to be a symbol of hopeless love, but now yellow tulips are considered a flower that symbolizes happy and cheerful thoughts.

Growing Tulips from Bulbs

Ordering a tulip can be as simple as buying the bulbs and growing them yourself. If you’re looking for a great gift, a tulip delivery can be arranged anywhere in the nation. Many gardeners love cultivating tulips due to their ease of care and their incessant nature. They also add a touch of color to their garden, which cannot be forgotten.Tulips are perfect for January’s flower of the month because of their symbolism with everlasting love, their constant return at the beginning of spring, and the beautiful nature of the flour itself. If interested, tulips can also be grown in pots, and many nurseries have all of the equipment that you will need to get started. 

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Tulips Options from Your Florist

Cut tulips come in different varieties for florists to use in arrangements. The least expensive are the field tulips. They are small, but still wonderful. There is also parrot tulips and french tulips. These are more expensive and look slightly different. They have ruffled edges and striped colors.

At Enchanted Florist, we carry field tulips weekly during the winter. Red, pink, yellow, white and purple are the most popular colors. Sometimes, we are even able to procure bi colored tulips, which are beautiful.

If you are considering sending a tulip bouquet for a gift, please consider choosing your local florist for your tulip delivery. While we can provide tulips year long, tulips are a seasonal flower. This means that during off peak times, purchasing tulips will cost a little more per bloom. 

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