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Prom Trends 2018: A Prom Corsage Near Me Tutorial

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Today our floral prom experts answer some of your more commonly asked prom questions when it comes to ordering a prom corsage near me.

Common Prom Flower FAQs

With prom around the corner, you probably have a hundred different questions. There are a lot of prom day traditions that involve flowers. This includes the wearing of the corsage and boutonniere. Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers regarding prom flowers. 

Prom 2018 Trends prom corsage near me flower shop in pasadena tx Pink dress

Q: What Exactly Is A Corsage?

A: We've all heard about the corsage and have maybe even seen it on television shows or movies, but what exactly is it? Many people don't know until they are actually buying one. Your standard prom corsage is simply a small arrangement of flowers that is designed to be worn on the wrist. Though there are some corsages that are some that are designed as a pin, but those are becoming far less common.

The prom corsage is traditionally purchased by the male for his prom date. It's a good idea to have already seen the prom dress or to at least have it described before purchasing the corsage. This is because the corsage should accent the dress.

Q: Which Wrist Does The Corsage Go On?

A: There is no exact science for choosing the correct wrist. 90 percent of the time the corsage will go on the left wrist. However, if the date is left-handed, then she may prefer to wear it on the right wrist instead. And even if she is not, there have been plenty of prom dates who have worn their corsage on the right wrist. At the end of the day, it's mostly a matter of comfort rather than tradition or expectation.

Prom 2018 Trends prom corsage near me flower shop in pasadena tx Red Dress

Q: What Is The Boutonniere?

A: Think of the boutonniere as the male equivalent of the corsage. It is a small floral accessory that is attached to the lapel. Just as the corsage is purchased by the male for his date, the boutonniere is purchased by the female for him. Both, the corsage and the boutonniere, can be purchased from a flower store. On a side note, you may also see men wearing boutonnieres on their wedding day or if they are groomsmen.

Q: Does The Boutonniere Have To Match The Corsage?

A: The corsage is typically chosen to match or accent the prom dress. The boutonniere does not need to match the male's outfit, but should rather match the corsage. It's certainly not mandatory, but having a matching corsage and boutonniere is more stylish and it really shows people that you two came together.

It doesn't take much work to ensure your floral arrangements go well together. If you are unsure about what goes well together, then consider discussing it with a local florist. That brings up another question.

Q: Will My Florist Help Me Choose Something Special?

A: Of course! Your florist should be more than willing to work with you to ensure your prom day is perfect. They can help you decide what flowers would work best with a certain outfit as well as help you choose a boutonniere to match the corsage.

Prom 2018 Trends prom corsage near me flower shop in pasadena tx blue dress

Q: What Will I Need To Make An Order?

Ordering from a florist should be a simple process. Knowing the proper dress color is the biggest hurdle. You are advised to bring a picture of the prom dress with you so that the florist can help you choose the best flowers.

The next most important question will be is she wearing gold or silver jewelry. We use her jewelry color to decide the bling and trim colors we use. You might also bring the corsage or a picture if it has already been purchased so that you can find a boutonniere that matches.

Order Online for Your Prom Corsages Near Me

Your prom day should be a special event that you remember for the rest of your life. Each small part of the day will play an important role. That includes the flowers you wear as well. Luckily, your florist can ensure you choose the best floral arrangements for the event.

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