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Enchanted Florist Pasadena is a real, local flower shop currently located at 4416 Fairmont Pkwy Suite 104 in Pasadena, TX 77504. We are between Burke and Preston next to the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. And we are in the same shopping center at Time Out #3 and Cut Away.

Enchanted Florist Pasadena is a real brick and mortar flower shop. We offer same day flowery delivery in our local area. Our florist carries a wide variety of fresh cut flowers from all over the globe including Ecuador, California, and Holland. Flowers are a popular gift for all occasions including Happy Birthday flowers, get well flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers, I'm sorry flowers, and sympathy flowers.

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas

Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas

Posted by Enchanted Florist on 6th Jan 2015

ideas for valentines day flowers

Here are the top 10 Valentines Day ideas to help smooth the process of this emotional and hectic week to ensure the love flows freely. 

#1 Send her flowers to the office

This year Valentines Day is on a Saturday, but I can promise you if she works in an office or with other women, she would rather have them a day early. She will want to show off the beautiful flowers that her man sent. If they get sent to the home on Saturday, she will have no one to brag to about how awesome you are.

#2 Get her flowers there early!

We generally deliver our bouquets in the order they are placed. So if you order the day before or day of, you flowers will be delivered in the afternoon. Want your Valentine to be the envy of everyone in the office, make sure her flowers are the first to arrive Friday morning. We offer a Platinum delivery service that will guarantee your flowers are there by 11am Friday morning.

#3 Make your plans early

Whatever you decide to do, plan it out early. Does she have a favorite restaurant? Make the reservation early so you are guaranteed a table and a short wait time. Ordering dinner in? Call ahead. Not only will she be surprised, you will get it on time

.top valentines day ideas

#4 Get dressed up

No you don’t have to wear a tux, but put a little more effort into what you wear whether you go out or not. I promise she will notice and enjoy the view. (And if she dresses up, make sure you notice and compliment her too.)

#5 Write a love note

When you send her flowers for Valentines Day this year, write her a love note. Notice I didn’t say love letter, you can work up to that in later years. But aim for something more than Happy Valentines Day, Love Bob. Something unique and different will show her you tried. Whether it’s funny, something you love about her, a cherished memory, or how she makes you feel. Click here for more card ideas.

#6 Rose Petals

Rose petals are a great way to set a mood. Sprinkled in her bath, on the bed, or a path when she walks in the door. Red rose petals are the ultimate romance setter. We carry them in the store. They come in three sizes, small medium and large quantities. Order yours now here for pick up and we will have them ready for you.

valentines day ideas

#7 Chocolates, Chocolates, Chocolates

It doesn’t have to be the biggest box of chocolates ever, just a little something. Girls love chocolate. And every time she eats a piece she will think of you. You can add an 8oz or 1lb box of chocolates to any order and have it delivered with her flowers making it easy peasy for you.

#8 It’s okay to stay in

Trying to save a little money or avoid the craziness of restaurants? Staying in is okay, just set the mood and make it a special night. Some great things to add would be flowers, rose petals, tablecloths, candles, music, and her favorite foods.

#9 Do something silly

If she fell in love with your humor (and even if she didn’t,) a little silliness will show you thought about it. Try texting or emailing her every hour while she is at work that day. You can even set your alarm on your phone to remind you. See our list of card ideas on what to say.

#10 Run her a relaxing bath

Running her a relaxing bath (and expecting nothing for it) is a great way for her to feel special. Try keeping the kids away (or get rid of them altogether), setting the mood with some calming essential oils or her favorite fragrance, a few rose petals and a good book or magazine are all things that are great to include.

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