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The Majestic Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet for Flower Delivery

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Flowers are beautiful and they are wonderful to grow and they also make excellent gifts for people at any time of the year. Since there are so many flowers to choose from, people tend to have their favorite ones in mind. One of the most popular types of flowers is the Bird of Paradise flowers, and it is included in the Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet. Birds of paradise are an exceptional one that looks like tropical birds flying when it is in bloom, and this bouquet is exceptional as well. For this reason, many people love to have this plant in their home, office or garden.

Bird Of Paradise Flower History

The Bird of Paradise flower is also called the Strelitzia. In South Africa, it is known as the Crane Flower. It's on the back of their .50 cents piece in that country. Los Angeles uses it as their flower emblem for their city. There are two species of the Bird of Paradise plant that can be grown on windowsills. 

Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet flower delivery

This plant is extremely gorgeous and people love the colors that it encompasses. It is an outdoor plant but it can be grown inside on a windowsill also. 

Growing The Bird of Paradise

In order to grow the plant well to let it flower, the plant needs plenty of sunshine and lots of warmth. By planting it in rich soil that is able to drain well, the gardener will find that this plant will do well. If a person decides to grow the plant indoors, they should avoid putting it on a window that faces the south because the plant can become burned in this manner. 

It's a good idea to feed the plant with plant food. This should be accomplished for 2 weeks every spring and then every month during the summer. It can be grown from seeds but it will take 5 years to bloom.

Bird Of Paradise Care

In order to make sure that a person gets the flowers on the Bird of Paradise plant that they want, they need to make sure that they are paying attention to how it's growing. It's important that the dead leaves and flowers are removed from the plant when they need to be. Another important aspect to watch out for is over watering. The plant will not do well if it is watered too much. 

Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet florist delivery Pasadena

Watching out for dogs that around the plant is important too. If the dog should ingest the flowers, they will have abdominal cramping and vomiting because the plant is toxic. Be careful when dogs are around it because they love to nibble on the blooms. 

Send the Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet

Having this special Bird of Paradise plant is something that is colorful and exciting to watch as it grows. People love that this plant is so amazing and they do what they can to make sure that it lasts a long time. 

Taking care of this plant will allow a person to enjoy all the beauty that it offers. Many people like to use the blooms for centerpieces in their dining room or as a display in their living room.

Order the Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet for Delivery

Call us today or order online to have The Teleflora Exotic Grace Bouquet and have it delivered in your area. We offer same day flower delivery for any of your birds of paradise needs. This bouquet makes a lovely gift during the fall, for a man, a sympathy bouquet, or to any bird of paradise lover.

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