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Peonies: April Flower of the Month

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Peonies have remained of of the most popular flowers on the planet for any number of purposes. They have also been recognized as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Though only offered a few short months every year, right now you can call for us, your favorite  florist in Pasadena, for a beautiful delivery of peony flowers. 

Peony Flower if the Month florist in Pasadena TX

Facts About Peonies - And Why They Remain So Popular

The use of Peonies for a variety of ceremonial purposes is steeped in tradition. For instance their use in wedding ceremonies is reputed to confer good luck, fortune and ensure that the bride and groom enjoy many happy years together. In fact, so treasured are they that the presentation of Peonies at the 12th wedding anniversary - an important milestone in any marriage is said to ensure that the marriage will remain a happy union. 

They are also the national flower of China and play an important part in the art and culture of that populous country. But in China the Peony has lately been recognized for something else - the production of a new type of oil extracted from the plant. This is said to be far healthier than Olive or Canola Oil.

The Discovery of the Peony

However, it is not the health giving properties of Peonies that have seen them maintain their position as one of the most romantic and attractive flowers in the world. They are simply beautiful. In fact, the explorer Marco Polo, when he first saw them on his travels across Asia and into China described them as 'Roses - as big as cabbages'. The sheer impressiveness of Peony blooms makes them ideal decoration for many occasions - as well as allowing them to compliment and highlight other parts of any floral arrangement. 

Peonies Flower if the Month florist in Pasadena TX

Peonies From Your Local Florist

For those really want to enjoy Peonies in all their glory it may be best to make prior arrangements with a florist. The blooms are best sourced as buds and should be arranged in the early hours of the morning - before they open into their full glory of flowers that can be as large as 10 inches wide.

This is when their beauty as well as one of the most attractive floral scents of all flowers will reach their full affect. Of course their striking visual impact also makes them ideal as a centerpiece at a dinner party. The fact that the blooms are also available in every color in the spectrum (with the exception of blue also makes them ideal for that special occasion - no matter what the decor.

A good florist should be able to source an amazing variety of Peony types and will be able to advise those who want to take advantage of their beauty in how to keep fresh cut varieties looking great for as a long as possible.

Ordering Peony Flowers for Delivery

There can be no doubt that the long history of Peony use in countries around the world - both for ceremonial purposes and for their sheer unadulterated beauty will continue to ensure that the blooms of this amazing flower continue to provide joy and a center of attraction for many formal and informal occasions. However - enlisting the help of a skilled florist will ensure that anyone wanting to enjoy that beauty gets the most out of the experience.

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