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South Houston High School Homecoming Mums

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South Houston High School Homecoming mums are a huge part of annual Homecoming celebrations. When the large, elaborate mum boutonnieres start flooding the halls of the school, it's definitely easy to get into the spirit of Homecoming. You can get your Homecoming mums from Enchanted Florist, the top flower shop for your Homecoming mum needs. 

South Houston High School Homecoming Mums

Homecoming mums are a Texan Homecoming tradition. It originated several decades ago, when students gave chrysanthemum flowers to their dates for Homecoming. Over the years, the arrangements became larger and more elaborate. Texas is the only state with this tradition.

Standard and Custom Homecoming Mums

You have a lot of choices when it comes to Homecoming mums for South Houston High School. You can choose a deluxe single mum, or you can go bigger by choosing the double and triple mum. If Homecoming is also a romantic event for you, you can order a heart-shaped mum for your special someone.

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You can also go even bigger and make a statement by ordering the Mumstrosity, a large arrangement with four mums. Show your school spirit by ordering the deluxe or premium South Houston High School Homecoming mums decorated by braids and ribbons in the school colors red, black, white, and silver. Seniors traditionally order simple, elegant mums accented with gold or silver. If you're a football player or are supporting the team, you can come to Enchanted Florist's store and have a custom football mum made for you.

Mums from Enchanted Florist are customizable and can reflect your personality. You can include your hobbies or sports in your order form and ask the florists to include these with your mum. You can choose trinkets that reflect these interests and sports, like baseball, basketball, soccer. To personalize your mums even more, you can include ribbons with your name and your date's, as well as the present school year. This way, you'll have a great memento for the future.

Homecoming Mum Decorations for Sale

Homecoming mums have elaborate and ornate decorations made of braids, chains, boas, ribbons, stuffed bears, and assorted trinkets. Even the braids have a lot of varieties. There are the military braid, the heart braid, the spiral braid, the flat braid, the ruffle combo braid, the deluxe ruffle braid, the deluxe box braid, the Texas checkerboard, the loopty, and the diamond back. If you want to take your mums higher, you can add LED lights so you can truly stand out.

Hassle-Free Ordering and Delivery

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You should start looking at Homecoming mums for South Houston High School soon. You can go on Enchanted Florist's website and look at the different choices for Homecoming mums. You can order online as well, and wait for your mums to be delivered to your doorstep. If you want to be more hands-on, you can go to Enchanted Florist's store itself to pick out and pick up your mums. Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure that South Houston High School Homecoming mums are of top quality. 

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