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Mums the Word for Homecoming

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As the new school year gets underway, students and faculty get settled in and go through the usual rituals of locating their classrooms, greeting old friends, and cracking open new textbooks. And soon, the planning begins for the first big event of the fall: Homecoming.

Steeped in tradition, Homecoming is commonly associated with football, especially in Texas, and often includes a parade, a dance, tailgating, and other activities. Seniors compete for King and Queen of the Homecoming Court. Underclassmen vie for Prince and Princess. Some schools, in an effort to be more inclusive of students with special needs, have added a new category, Duke and Duchess. Traditionally, crowns for the Homecoming Court are presented at a pep rally or at the big game itself.

football homecoming mums pasadena tx

In Texas and other parts of the south, mums play a big part in football homecoming traditions. It began as part of college homecoming. Students would present their dates with a simple chrysanthemum corsage adorned with a ribbon or two. Over the years, the tradition has become part of high school homecomings, and the simple chrysanthemum corsage has evolved into an elaborate creation, referred to as a "mum," decorated with floor-length ribbons and trinkets. Girls create garters for the boys, similar to mums, to be worn around the boy's arm. Most schools allow students to wear their mums and garters to school on the day of Homecoming.

As the tradition has continued to grow, it has, in some schools, become quite competitive. Nowadays, mums feature everything from LED lights to tiny animals and specialty items reflecting the student's extracurricular activities. Some mums are created using as much as 60 feet of ribbon, feather boas, and glittery letters. It's not unusual to see them decorated with bells, charms, and framed photos.

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