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When is Pasadena Memorial High School's Homecoming 2019?

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Are You Ready For Pasadena Memorial's High School's Football Homecoming Game?

School is already back in session and Homecoming is already here. Homecoming for Pasadena Memorial High School is October 4, 2019.

Do you should have your mum or garter order placed yet? Mums and garters you may well ask? Why yes, this southern tradition is unique and is really loads of fun. Read on for additional details on why you ought to obtain your orders positioned in time for the big game which takes place the the first week in October.

PMS is a new school in the Pasadena Independent School District and school contact information is listed below.

4410 Crenshaw

Pasadena, TX 77504

(713) 740-0390

The tradition of giving mums at homecoming started long, long ago even before the ages of Google. The traditions was started by a boy giving a girl an individual chrysanthemum like a gift. 

As you may well know, homecoming is much more than a football game today. The case also may include a dance and traditionally, you are going by using a date. The boy gives his date a mum and also the girl gives her date a garter. A garter is smaller mum that is worn around the guy's arm. And so it will be much more special, often the garter is produced to suit the girl's mum.

Pasadena Memorial High School Homecoming Mums

At Enchanted Florist, we have homecoming mums and garters in all shapes and sizes. We can customize them to be quite large, or quite small, depending on your needs. They are available in various colors too, but for Pasadena Memorial High School they are made in teal, black and gold to match the schools colors. 

Do you want to show your Mustang pride? Create your unique teal, black and gold mum or garter, or you can always differentiate yourself from the crowd by using a unique color combination such as hot pink and zebra print. 

If you come in to our store, there are several braids, trinkets and ribbons to choose from to create a perfect mum or garter. We could also make simple, one flower creations, or we can produce a triple mom that is certain to wow the most picky date. Have you got ideas on how you can make a mum even more special? Just ask us and we could possibly accommodate your request.

Now, most girls and guys truly cherish their mums and garters. It's not unusual to locate them set up somewhere safe and saved to consider a wonderful night or football, dancing, a whole bunch more. Mums are a good keepsake from high school that could be kept until a long time after graduation. For this reason, making sure your mum says exactly what you need it to is fairly important. Ensure your personality is visible throughout the mum and garter and you also are proud to utilize the creation made only for you.

Order a Homecoming Mum Online or in Person at Enchanted Florist

Homecoming mums are easy to order online. Go as little or as big as you want. Here is our most popular Pasadena Memorial High School mum so far this year. It is called Mumstrosity and it is beautiful and huge!

So, you can see that homecoming mums and garters really are loads of fun and therefore are a southern tradition which have been around for quite a while. The decorative efforts could have improved throughout the years, although the tradition is a that is constantly go strong, every year. 

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