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Enchanted Florist Pasadena is a real, local flower shop currently located at 4416 Fairmont Pkwy Suite 104 in Pasadena, TX 77504. We are between Burke and Preston next to the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce. And we are in the same shopping center at Time Out #3 and Cut Away.

Enchanted Florist Pasadena is a real brick and mortar flower shop. We offer same day flowery delivery in our local area. Our florist carries a wide variety of fresh cut flowers from all over the globe including Ecuador, California, and Holland. Flowers are a popular gift for all occasions including Happy Birthday flowers, get well flowers, anniversary flowers, thank you flowers, I'm sorry flowers, and sympathy flowers.

June 23 is National Pink Day!

June 23 is National Pink Day!

Posted by Enchanted Florist on 13th Jun 2016

Did you know that June 23 is National Pink Day? With its many different hues ranging from bright and eye-catching to delicate and soft, pink is a color with many different personalities.

national pink flowers for sale pasadena tx

But the color name never even existed until 1680, when the first recorded term "pink-coloured" showed up. However, it wasn't until 1733 that the word "pink" was used to define a "pale rose color", describing a lighter shade of red. The word is thought to have been derived from the Dutch pinck oogen, meaning "small eyes" or "half-closed eyes", which was the name of a plant with light red flowers and a center that looks like a small eye. In previous centuries, anything with the color pink was described as "flesh-colored" or even "incarnation" or "incarnate", straight from the Latin word used for "flesh".

It's been long known that color evokes emotion - blue is calming, red is stimulating. Pink is considered a gentle color and is used in a positive way in phrases like "pink of health", meaning someone is in perfect health. Generally being a softer hue, pink is considered good for stress reduction and is thought to help bring about emotional balance. Pink light therapy has been used to reduce aggressive behaviors and is called the "great neutralizer".

Many people use the concepts of chromatherapy - also called color therapy - in their daily lives to help enhance health and healing. In chromatherapy, pink is thought to strengthen confidence, soothe anger, relieve feelings of guilt or sadness, and increase compassion and self-love. Pink is also considered soothing for the heart, which is one of the reasons it is thought to promote love, understanding, calmness and acceptance.

So on June 23, think pink - show your pink love in the most perfectly natural way for a color whose name came from flowers. Contact us and we'll create a beautiful pink floral arrangement that will make you and those around you smile.

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