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Homecoming Mums in Pasadena

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Enchanted Florist is one of the best places where you can get Homecoming mums in Pasadena. Homecoming is one of the most important events in the school calendar, and people really get into it. This event is especially a big deal in 

homecoming mums in pasadena texas

Texas, especially the Homecoming football game, the pep rally, and the Homecoming Court. Seniors compete with each other to be Homecoming King and Queen, while underclassmen are up for Homecoming Princes and Princesses. Amongst the pomp of Homecoming celebrations, Homecoming mums take a very prominent place. 

A Little Homecoming History

Historically, students gave each other small and simple chrysanthemum corsages on Homecoming. These corsages evolved into the large and elaborately-decorated mums of today. Instead of real flowers, florists now commonly use fabric flowers to create ornate and long-lasting mums. Students can give each other mum boutonnieres and garters that can be worn around the arm. Schools allow students to wear these mums on the day of Homecoming, which typically falls on a Friday. Almost every florist in Pasadena offers a selection of mums for students to choose from.

Homecoming mums are usually made with a lot of decorations. Enchanted Florist in particular offers the Starter Mum, which is kind of a blank canvas on which students can paint a masterpiece of a mum. Students can choose from a 

pasadena homecoming mums with braids

variety of braids which trail from the mum all the way down towards the floor. They can also choose from a selection of chains, boas, stuffed animals, and trinkets. Ribbons with their name, their date's name, and the school year are also included in these mums.

Enchanted Florist also offers Homecoming mums in Pasadena that come in the official school colors of schools in the area. Of course, students can also choose their own preferred color combinations. Because Homecoming mums are highly customizable, they can pick trinkets and decorations that reflect their interests, hobbies, and preferences. This way, they can have a mum that is completely unique to them and can also be kept over time as a memento.

In the interest of being unique, many students go all out in decorating their mums. Some include picture frames, trinkets depicting their hobbies and sports, and even battery-powered LED lights. These lights can illuminate the mum itself and can also trail down the streams of ribbons and boas.

custom pasadena homecoming mums with trinkets

Ordering homecoming mums from a florist in Pasadena is usually easy, but with Enchanted Florist, you're dealing with professionals. To order, you can go to Enchanted Florist's website and browse through the catalog of Homecoming mums. Once you've chosen a particular mum, you can fill up an order form and specify your customizations. However, if you have more special requests and specifications for your mums, you can also visit Enchanted Florist's store to place a custom order. Once your order is done, all you have to do is wait for the delivery or pick your mum up from the store yourself. With great designs and great customer service, you can get the best Homecoming mums in Pasadena from Enchanted Florist

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