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Dobie High School Homecoming Mums

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Huge, elaborate Homecoming mums are a Texan high school tradition, and Dobie High School Homecoming mums are no different. Homecoming isn't homecoming without these oversized mums. Enchanted Florist is the premier place for homecoming mums, supplying 18 high schools in the area.  

dobie high school homecoming mums for sale

A Unique Texan Tradition

Homecoming mums are a tradition unique and specific to Texas high schools. These mums originated as chrysanthemum corsages given to girls by their Homecoming dates. Over the years, these corsages grew into the large and elaborate boutonnieres of today. These boutonnieres are usually given by boys to their dates. Mums are worn by girls on their clothes, and heavier mums can be hung from the neck. Though usually used by girls, boys can also wear these mums on an armband.

Designs for Mums

In this case, bigger might just be better. Enchanted Florist supplies a wide variety of mums in different shapes and sizes. You can get the standard deluxe single, double, or triple mums. Homecoming mums for Dobie High School can also come in the school colors orange, black, white, and silver. You can also pick out your own preferred colors, though seniors traditionally choose mums accented with gold or silver. If you want to take it one step further, you can also choose a heart-shaped mum for your date. 

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If these mums aren't big or elaborate enough, there is always the Mumstrosity. The Mumstrosity is made of four mums, and has enough space to be tricked out with a lot of decorations. Aside from the Mumstrosity, you can also order a football mum to get into the hype of the Homecoming game.

Flex your creativity by ordering a custom mum. Dobie High School Homecoming mums can be as off-beat and unique as you want them to be. These mums can reflect your personality, likes, and interests with the use of relevant trinkets. Just include your interests or sport in your order form, and Enchanted Florist will make sure that your mum will reflect who you are. You can pick out decorations like stuffed animals, chains, boas, ribbons that have your name and the present school year, and even lights to give your mum that extra kick. You also have your pick of long braids, such as the military braid, the heart braid, the spiral braid, the flat braid, the ruffle combo braid, the deluxe ruffle braid, the deluxe box braid, the Texas checkerboard, the loopty, and the diamond back.

homecoming mums for sale in houston tx 77089 77598

Order and Delivery System

You can order homecoming mums for Dobie High School right from the comfort of your own home by going to Enchanted Florist's website and filling up the order form. If you prefer, you can also visit Enchanted Florist's physical store and see the mums and decorations for yourself. You can choose to have your mums delivered or you can pick them up from the store yourself. Make sure to place your orders for Dobie High School Homecoming mums before Homecoming on October 28, 2016.

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