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Corporate Floral Services for Downtown Houston Businesses

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Downtown Houston is the area at the center of the Houston metro area. It is the home of many fantastic and large corporations, and offers a beautiful skyline filled with skyscrapers jutting into the Texas sky. With so many businesses crowded in and fighting for your eye, it can be hard trying to find proper flower shops in downtown Houston.

Sending Flowers in Downtown Houston TX

Enchanted Florist, your downtown Houston florist, offers incredible value for their corporate clients. With a simple phone call, any employee can quickly order a beautiful bouquet of flowers arranged in a vase that can be delivered to any of the major buildings in the downtown area. We are a fantastic business resource, it goes a long way for any company to go beyond the simple thank you after a business deal.

Flower shops in downtown Houston regularly decorate for massive company events. We are able to provide flowers to be used as decorations on tables as well, as both set the atmosphere for an entire room. Almost as simple as ordering a personal bouquet, corporate floral services are intended to be hassle free.

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Since your corporate events and large gatherings are important, call Enchanted Florist, your  downtown Houston florist early in order to ensure that they have enough flowers and other products available for the big day. If you give us a few weeks of advanced notice we will be able to order any flowers that you were wanting, and create a spectacular event for your company.

The Downtown Houston Corporate Event Specialists

With the additional experience that Enchanted Florist has, you will not have to worry about choosing the right flowers. Our professional floral designers will know when to use a large flower bouquet and when to use a little flower bouquet, which takes some of the pressure off of you so that you can place it on more important tasks. Flower shops in downtown Houston are one of the best resources that companies have when it comes to decorating for your corporate event.

We understand that your company will likely have specific guidelines like logos, color schemes, or event themes, we are comfortable working within any guidelines you give us. We can certainly custom arrangements that fit your company's brand. Given enough advanced notice we may even be able to create a massive display that details your company’s logo all in flowers. 

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When it comes to such a massive event you will not have to worry about setting up the flowers yourself. Enchanted Florist offers delivery options as well as installation and tear down for major social gatherings. Instead of focusing on exactly where you’re going to put each flower you will be free to focus on other important activities that go along with the big day.

We Work Hard to Make You Look Good

The goal of working with a florist is to provide the best value for every project that you give them. A major component of this is an incredible customer service as well as a product that you will not forget in the years to come. The next time you plan on having a corporate gathering consider purchasing from Enchanted Florist and you will not be disappointed.

For more information, or to talk to our  corporate flower specialist now, call and ask for Debbie Wright. She has over 35 years experience and is at the top of her field in the floral industry.

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