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3 Tips for Creating a Perfect Valentine’s Day Card Message

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When it comes to the beginning of February there are always a few things everybody is thinking about: the bitterly cold weather, beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day, and what they’re going to write in whatever card they get. While it is easy to buy a card and simply sign your name, it doesn’t add the personal touch that will really make the gift memorable. By utilizing a few concepts, you can craft a heartfelt Valentine's message that will adorn the card and allow it to be cherished for many years later. This is far better than simply writing your name. Here are three tips to help you generate Valentine’s card message ideas. 

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Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 1

You want to be a concrete. This isn’t talking about the sidewalk but rather about a specific detail that will stand out and whoever is reading the cards mind. The more personal of the detail the higher impact it will have with your reader. 

You almost want your reader to forget that they are looking at a card and some markings in rather experience something inside their imagination. If you have also given a flower bouquet, it might be worthwhile to describe the beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day in order to add a strong concrete detail and related to your feelings for the individual.

Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 2

Since most cards do not have much room it is important to keep your Valentine’s Day message short, clear, but full of emotion. The goal isn’t to write a novel but simply to capture part of your soul inside your writing. While grammar and spelling is not as important as it’s would be in a professional and academic setting, any blatant errors might serve as a distraction to the message that you are trying to convey.

beautiful flowers for valentines day card message ideas 2

Valentine’s Day Card Message - Tip 3

Another idea to craft your message around is one of a memory that you have with the intended reader. In the same family as crafting a concrete detail a memory based message will make your reader imagine something other than reading a card. If you are able to convey one of these deeper meanings it is likely that the reader will keep the cherish the card rather than throw it in the trash bin once it is cluttering up whatever drawer they put it in.

Take a Little Extra Time

While beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day are a staple of the holiday you cannot ignore the message you intend to write inside the card. With a little bit of knowledge it is too easy to craft a memorable idea that will make it clear that you have been thinking about your significant other. If they deserve your love they certainly deserve more than a scroll to signature at the bottom of some pretty written text. A personal touch is a necessity in order to make a Valentine’s Day message something that will live on.

beautiful flowers for valentines day card message ideas 3

Ordering Flowers for Valeinte's Day

So after you put a little thought into your card message, we are here to help you create a beautiful bouquet of flowers and roses, or place you Valentine’s Day order online easily on our website. Or call us at (832)850-7677

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