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Orchid Delivery

Orchids are one of the most elegant flowers, they are both exotic and sophisticated. Cut orchid stems look magnificent in floral arrangements, corsages, wedding bouquets and more.

Potted orchid plants and multi orchid planters are easy to care for. In fact, orchid plants are more simple to force a bloom than you might believe. For information on how to care for potted orchids you may receive from Enchanted Florist, or any orchid planter you may have received please visit our blog.

Exotic Flower Orchids

These striking orchids will stand out no matter whether they are potted orchid plants or orchid flower arrangements. No doubt both options will add beauty and grace to the room they adorn. Our elegant orchids have several meanings: wealth, luxury, prosperity, strength, and love. And they can convey the many messages you might need them to say for you.

Sending an orchid also sends the message that you feel they are extraordinary and play a unique role in your life.

Some of our clients favorite types of orchids are our orchids planters, purple orchid plants, cut blue orchids, and cut purple orchids. Another top favorite is our cymbidium orchid inside a vase.

Types of Orchids

There are several types of orchids, below are a few of the more common types of orchids used by our flower shop.

Phalaenopsis (fah-lay-NOP-sis)
Phalaenopsis orchids, or phalos for short, are also known as moth orchids. It is one of the most common orchids and among the easiest to grow. Its commonly found in white or purple, but also available in other colors.

Dendrobium (den-droh-bee-um)
Dendrobium orchids are also a common orchid. You may recognize them from Thai restaurants or at 5 star restaurants that adorn dinner plates with them. We florists use them frequently in floral bouquets as well as corsages and wedding work. In the last few years the have become popular dyed blue. If we don’t have them in stock, we can special order your blue orchids for delivery. 

Cymbidium (sym-BID-ee-um)
Cymbidium orchids, also known as boat orchids, have been grown and depicted in drawings for over two thousand years. They are large, showy, and long lasting even if in cut arrangements. With clean water, they have been know to last well over a month. They are so extraordinary, that many times all you need is one simple cymbidium in a vase.

Oncidium (on-SID-ee-um)
Oncidiums are sometimes known as the “yellow dancing ladies.” Though yellow are the most common, they come in a large variety of colors due to hybrid breeding. They are a delicate looking bloom with several on a stem and are often used in flower arrangements.

Cattleya (KAT-lee-ah)
The cattleya is often referred to as the corsage orchid. In older days, they were commonly used in corsages to create an oversized spectacle. We generally have these large blooms in stock for mother’s day corsage pieces.

Caring for Your Potted Orchid

How about a quick tip on caring for orchids. We apply the ice cube method when watering our potted orchids. Three ice cubes (about ¼ cup of water) once a week place inside the orchid pot is usually the perfect amount of water for the orchids. By using ice cubes, the water is slowly released to the orchid roots to allow maximum absorption. For more information on watering orchids, check out our orchid FAQ article.

Flower Orchid Delivery in Houston

Our flower shop can deliver your contemporary orchid arrangements, purple orchid bouquets, and potted orchid planters throughout Houston. We also have great relationships with over 2000 other florists around the country to be able to deliver your orchids nation wide.

Enchanted Florist has been in business since 1982 when our family opened the doors. You are our priority, so we offer you 100% satisfaction guarantee for your orchid selection and delivery services.

Call us today at (832) 850-7677 to place your orchid order, or order orchids online.

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