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When is Chavez High School's Homecoming 2017

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Before you realize it, the Chavez High School football homecoming Game will be here. And if you would like benefit from the homecoming experience like a true southerner would do, it is advisable to have your mum or garter order positioned in time. Mums and garters you ask? Why yes, this southern tradition is unique which is really loads of fun. This year, Chavez High School's homecoming is Friday October 6, 2017.

chavez high school homecoming garter 2017

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The tradition of giving mums at homecoming started long, long ago. It absolutely was very easy, actually, when a boy gave a woman one particular chrysanthemum as a gift. Since you may well know, homecoming is far more than a football game. 

The big event includes a dance and traditionally, you go by using a date. The boy gives his date a mum along with the girl gives her date a garter. A garter is smaller mum that is worn around the guy's arm. And to make it much more special, often times the garter is produced to fit the girl's mum.

Chavez high school homecoming mum

One of the primary advantages of mums is simply because they can come in all shapes and forms. We can easily cause them to small or big. These come in various colors, too. Do you want to show your Deer Park pride with a burgundy and gold mum or garter, or do you want to stay ahead of the group by using a unique color combination? The decision is yours, you just need to tell us what you will like.

Chavez High School in Houston TX

Along with deciding on the size and the color, we also offer other choices to provide you with the best possible mum imaginable. We can add chains, beads, trinkets, bears, braids, plus more. We are able to also make simple, one flower creations, or we can create a triple mom that will definitely wow including the most picky date. Do you have an understanding as to steps to make a mum a lot more special? Tell us so we just might accommodate your request.

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Now, most girls and guys truly cherish their mums and garters. It's not unusual to find them put up somewhere safe and saved to not forget an incredible night or football, dancing, a whole bunch more. Mums are a good keepsake from high school graduation that could be kept until long after graduation. As a result, making certain your mum says exactly what you wish it to is pretty important. Make certain your personality can be viewed from the mum and garter and also you are proud to utilize the creation made simply for you.

So, you will notice that mums and garters are really loads of fun and therefore are a southern tradition that were around for quite a while. The decorative efforts could possibly have improved over time, although the tradition is a that is constantly go strong, every year.

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