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Flower Spotlight of the Month: The Stephanotis

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Okay, I am going to tell you a story that we don’t share often. First let me say accidents happen, we deal with it and move on. Stephanotis are a tiny flower. We buy them by the box. There are 25 in a box about 4”x5”x2”. Our flower wholesaler delivered them to us a few days before the wedding, but come time to use then they were missing. We scoured the store, the dumpster, the baby’s crib, nothing! Now these are a special order flower so I just couldn’t get another box. We called every wholesaler in Houston, luckily someone had them and saved the day.

To this day we still do not know what happened to them, but let me tell you 2 of us put them up together when they come in now so there is a witness. The point of the story is these flowers are special, beautiful, and the sweet bride would have been heart broken if they were missing. And our team of floral designers care deeply about making our customers happy.

Now, what exactly is a Stephanotis...

Few flowers have the history or versatility of the beautiful looking stephanotis flower. This large petaled aesthetically pleasing flower is a small family of flowers that includes 9 distinctive species, all of which are closely related to one another. Originally from the Madagascar region of Africa, these beautiful flowers have been a long time favorite among brides and wedding planners, as well as individuals responsible for putting together unique, vibrant, and memorable boutiques for special occasions. 

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Brief Description Of Stephanotis

The Greek word "stephanos" is the base word and it means crown, a fitting description for a flower considered by many to be one of the best for weddings and wedding events. These flowers are considered by many florists to have a stunning appearance as the petals are long and waxy, very brightly white, and are strongly perfumed. The pleasant aroma hits that perfect note of being fragrant versus not being too overpowering, making them very popular.

Often times a flower will look beautiful but not be perfectly fragrant or it will be very fragrant and not have the perfect aesthetic. The Stephanotis is one of those rare flowers where the two meet, which explains why they are often so popular.

This is a 5-petal flower that has very unique looking petals that are big, distinctively shaped, and hole a strong elegant beauty that manages to hold well after being picked because of their slightly waxy feel in the fibers.

Common Uses For The Stephanotis 

First and foremost this popular flower is tied to wedding florists houston. Florists know to keep healthy numbers of these on hand as they are beautiful flowers that offer a stunning visual in addition to pleasant fragrance. They are a flower that traditionally has meant a blessing of happiness, especially when tied to a formal union or marriage. That symbolism makes them all the more popular when it comes to planning the big day. 

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They are often used as decorations for the main stage set up during an outdoor wedding, for side bouquets that are hung off the side of pews, or even as a mixture for the main bouquet (or side bouquets for the bride's maids depending on how the full ceremony is planned).

Facts Of Note

While this is a very popular flower it also does tend to be a touch on the more expensive side seeing as how it must be very carefully cultivated indoors in most locations as they only thrive naturally in very specific tropical or subtropical climates. They are not easy flowers to cultivate in a greenhouse setting, and take a lot of work and care for florists to create or make these available on a consistent basis.

They are rather fragile flowers and hate major temperature swings. In fact, tightly controlled temperatures are critical to be able to grow these beautiful and highly in demand flowers.

Whether for a wedding or other special occasion, there's no denying that the work is worth it to produce these beautiful fragrant flowers. Visit our wedding page for more information on wedding flowers packages.

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